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6 Marketing Ideas to Blossom BIG Returns

Can you feel it? As you walk that familiar path down to the model, check the grounds for garbage, something is nagging at you. What is it? Oh yes, high-turn season is here. Those 30 and 60-day notices are coming in this week. There's no question, most of our communities are performing well- really well, which is exactly why the time to go that extra mile for our residents and prospective residents is right now, while we have a minute to breath. So don't procrastinate! Here is a list for you, 6 ideas for spring that will pay off big returns for months and maybe even years to come—

1) Schedule a Photo Shoot—I bet your property is looking beautiful! Nothing sells a community online or in a brochure better than great high-quality photos. I recommend: Freebird Asset Marketing & Photography. We are available nationwide, a Google Trusted Pro Photography Provider and reasonably priced.

2) Do Some Online Spring Cleaning—Check to make sure all the content on your website is accurate and up to date. In addition to checking pricing, availability and content, check the ILS’s and free listing services. Are the amenities accurate? What does the romance paragraph say? Do you have clean digital floor plan images? If not, let’s get some!

3) Social Media—Most platforms are designed to optimize posts from a phone and so it is important to use a phone with high image quality. As the property starts to green-up, take advantage of that by snapping a lot of photos of the grounds. Residents and prospects also LOVE to see photos of your team, especially your maintenance team hard at work. Be creative and have fun! Post consistently multiple times per week.

4) Host an Easter Egg Hunt—This is an egg-celent idea for communities with lots of families! (haha) You provide the fun stuff- easter eggs stuffed with candy & coins and they will come. Make sure to advertise the event prominently in your newsletter and all social media platforms. Send out a couple of reminder emails as well. This type of activity is one that parents will appreciate and remember when it comes time to renew. It is a great opportunity to request online reviews as well.

5) Spring Break Party—While many residents might be traveling, many may not. Because not everyone can go on Spring break, you can bring the fun to them—have a spring break party during the day for the kids who are not in school- the parents of those kids will love you for it! You can offer games, treats, coloring contests, face-painting, Lego-building, music, a talent-show- the list is endless, cater to your residents and what you think they will like.

6) Start a Community Garden—This is always a favorite! You provide the place and the soil; your residents provide the seeds, and everyone is welcome to the fruits of the labor. Have a day set aside for a weekly gardening social- Saturday is the best. Provide a cool beverage during set hours. This is a great way to cultivate relationships with your residents too. Earth Day this year is Friday, April 22nd, maybe kick-off the weekend with this event.

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