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6 Simple Tips for Beautiful Interior Images

  1. Interiors photograph best when they are bright, open, and shot from the door way, or even outside the door if possible.

  2. Set your tripod just about waist high to get good angles of both the ceiling and the floor. If you are shooting at eye-level, you will have too much ceiling in your shot and conversely, if you are shooting too low, you will get too much of the floor. There should be a good balance of floor and ceiling so that the composition looks natural. There are times when it's okay to deviate from this rule. If the home has rather high ceilings, you may want to raise it up a bit. Also, If you are shooting in a kitchen, it may be appropriate to raise the tripod to above counter-height so that you are not getting under the cabinets.

  3. Get a wide-angle shot for every single room and get a minimum of 2 angles each.

  4. The kitchen gets the most shots, a minimum of 4.

  5. For bedrooms & bathrooms, it's usually appropriate to get just one shot, unless there is something spectacular and specific to show off.

  6. Always clear out any clutter and fluff those throw pillows.

That's it! Pretty simple.

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