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4 Tips for Marketing with Curb Appeal & Outdoor Signage

As we consider various marketing initiatives that are put in place to drive traffic to our communities, we tend to put the most emphasis on our ILS’s- after all, that is where most of our leads originate from. When looking at the big picture though, there is an entire journey that the prospective renter goes through before ultimately landing at the doorstep of our leasing offices. That journey has a beginning, a middle, and an end when the lease is signed.

The beginning is when the prospective renter decides it is time to start searching for a new home. At first, most renters are interested in 2 things: price and location. The other top concerns for a renter are pet policy, the washer/dryer situation, and space. Freebird Marketing will do excellent work placing this information online, on the amenities page, and in your romance paragraphs- all found in the beginning of the renter’s journey. The last (and most crucial part) of that journey is when they are driving up to your community, forming those opinions, finding the answers to those yes or no questions in their mind, and ranking your community against others.

Curb appeal is that overall appearance of the property and the first impression had by the potential resident as they climb out of their vehicle. This being in the last part of that journey, it is vital that to provide the “wow” factor every single time.

How to provide the “Wow Factor”:

1) Have the Right Signage- what are the big selling points? Put them on a sign or a lot of signs. Is your property in a high traffic location? I recommend investing in multiple yard signs with a different amenity or feature on each one. As the prospect is driving down the road, they just might decide to stop by because you had signs that checked off all the items on their mental list such as “Washer & Dryer Connections”, “We Love Pets”, and “Spacious Floor Plans”. This strategy works and it is an inexpensive investment. Is your community hard to find? I recommend purchasing a combination of banners and directional yard signs. Work with other local businesses to arrange placing your banner at a more visible location and then guide the prospect with more directional signs along the way, kind of like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs. Coordinate the signage so that it all goes together and finish it off with high-quality perma-balloons. Freebird Marketing is happy to assist with this.

2) Keep the Community Clean- Each morning when you arrive, make sure to check the garbage and recycling areas, especially if they are visible from the street. Walk the main pathways, (to both the leasing office and to the model) to ensure there is no trash, debris, grass clippings, or pet waste. A small bit of effort every day can make a huge difference in demonstrating to potential renters how much you care about the community- this speaks volumes because another big concern for renters is that you are there, and you care.

3) Landscaping- Use plants, flowers & shrubs that are native to your region. Make sure your landscaper has a calendar set so that there is always something blooming during the warmer months. Springtime is when we can really show off. As a best practice, use bright flowers organized in parallel lines. Alternating yellow and purple are the most attention-getting.

4) Lighting- Consider that prospective renters will visit your community after hours. Check to ensure there is enough lighting throughout the community and routinely inspect for burnt-out bulbs. Add low-wattage or solar outdoor lighting to both improve the look of your landscape and increase safety on your property.

Having the right outdoor signage and curb appeal will dramatically improve the odds of a prospective resident deciding our community is the right choice. Because this is the last step of that renter journey, make sure you are putting our best foot forward.

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